BICC Models of Distinction: British-Born Chinese (BBC) Network

Models of Distinction: ‘British-Born Chinese’ research documentary film project

Co-ordinator Dr  Elena Barabantseva

British Born Chinese is a documentary film about Daniel and Kevin, two school boys born to Chinese migrants and living in Manchester. Made over the course of two years in experimental reflexive and participatory style, the film explores how the boys reconcile their Britishness with Chineseness. We witness the boys’ everyday experiences at school, as volunteers at a community centre, and at home. The film proposes a perspective on identity as a performative practice. It exposes moments of vulnerability and documents situations when the boys’ formulation of belonging is shaped in response to cultural claims made on their behalf.

‘British Born Chinese’, will be launched at a public screening event in Manchester Central Library on the 30th of April 2015.

As part of this project, Elena produced a short film about her research on Manchester Chinatown

and wrote an article ‘Seeing beyond ethnic enclave: time/space of Manchester’s Chinatown’ forthcoming in Identities: Global Studies and Culture and Power.

The ‘British Born Chinese’ filmmaking team produced a short promotional film for the Manchester Chinese Centre where they worked on the project.