Researchers in the British Inter-university China Centre Phase 3

Prof Yangwen Zheng, Director, University of Manchester. Network co-ordinator.

Prof Robert Bickers, Co-Director, University of Bristol. Network co-ordinator.

Prof Barend ter Haar, Co-Director, University of Oxford. Network Co-ordinator.

Dr Pierre Fuller, University Of Manchester,  “Disaster History’ network co-ordinator

Dr William Schroeder, University of Manchester, ‘Models and Meanings: China in Ten Words’ network co-ordinator.

Dr Elena Barabantseva  University of Manchester, ‘Models of distinction: British-Born-Chinese (BBC)’ network Co-ordinator

Mr Shio-yun Kan, University of Oxford, Language co-ordinator.

Former BICC Alumni.

Professor Frank Pieke, Leiden University, Founding Director, 2006-11.

Dr Karl Gerth, University of Oxford, ‘Cultures of consumption’ network phase 2.

Dr Kathleen Buckingham, Research Associate, Forest and Landscape
Restoration, World Resources Institute, Washington DC. BICC Studentship holder 2008-2012, University of Oxford.

Dr Kelvin Cheung, Researcher, University of Manchester, 2010-2011.

Professor  Hilde De Weerdt, King’s College London; University of Oxford, Director, 2011-12.

Prof William A. Callahan, London School of Economics. Network co-ordinator phase 2.

Sam Geall, Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography of China, University of Oxford. BICC studentship holder, 2008-12, University of Manchester.

Dr Nicola Horsburgh, British Academy Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law & Armed Conflict, University of Oxford. BICC studentship holder, 2006-11.

Dr Jonathan Howlett, Lecturer in Modern Asian History, University of York. BICC studentship holder, 2006-11. The Chinese 1950s Network Co-ordinator.

Dr Isabella Jackson, Helen Bruce Lecturer in Modern East Asian History, University of Aberdeen. BICC studentship holder, 2006-11. Chinese Urban Studies NetworkCo-ordinator.

Dr. Catherine Ladds, Lecturer in History, Hong Kong Baptist University. BICC Career Development Fellow, University of Bristol, 2007-2008

Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright, University Lecturer in the Human Geography of China, University of Oxford; BICC Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society, from July 2007- 2009, University of Manchester. Co-ordinator, ‘Environmental Culture’ network.

Dr Winnie King, Teaching Associate, School of Sociology, Politics, and International Studies; BICC Career Development Fellow in Chinese International Political Economy, 2006-11, University of Bristol

Dr Regina Llamas, BICC Career Development Fellow in Chinese Language and Culture, 2006-11, University of Bristol.

Dr Dirk Meyer, University Lecturer in Chinese Philosophy; BICC Postdoctoral Fellow in Chinese Philosophy, 2007-11, University of Oxford. Co-ordinator ‘Research Training in Old Chinese’ programme, 2008-2011.

Professor Rana Mitter, University of Oxford, Network co-ordinator.

Dr Rachel Murphy, BICC postdoctoral fellow, 2007-11. University Lecturer in the Sociology of China, University of Oxford.

Dr Astrid Nordin, Lecturer in China in the Modern World, University of Lancaster. BICC studentship holder, 2007-11, University of Manchester.

Dr William Schroeder, Lecturer in Chinese Studies, University of Manchester; Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Chinese Culture and Society, 2010-11 Co-ordinator, ‘Borders of Sexuality and Desire’ network.

Administrative support and language teaching

Miss Sarah Coakley  Administrator, British Inter-university China Centre, University of Manchester.

Ms Hu Bo, Instructor in Chinese Language, University of Oxford, 2007-.

Mr Dan Holloway, Administrator, British Inter-university China Centre, 2007-2011, University of Oxford.

Ms Emma Holland, Executive Assistant, CEAS, University of Bristol, 2006-11.

Miss Lubica Pollikova, Administrative Assistant, University of Oxford, 2011.