New BICC Chinese Language Courses for Researchers

Chinese Language Courses for Researchers (CLCR) at upper-intermediate and intermediate Levels

The BICC offers Chinese language courses through intensive teaching and online learning at upper-intermediate and intermediate levels. The next two programmes will take place from 12-16 January 2015, and from 20-24 April 2015, at the Oxford China Centre, Canterbury Road, Oxford.

The initial intensive teaching weeks will focus on active learning skills, while the eight weeks of online learning will concentrate on listening and reading comprehension skills, and translation. During the online learning part of the courses, participants will have to complete weekly online assignments, and language instructors will hold Chat Room sessions.

Participants will have to spend at least two hours a day studying new materials, and revising spoken and written texts and lexis. These courses will encourage the development of learner autonomy in the field of Chinese language study, will enable learners to put a wide range of essential communication skills into practice, and will allow learners to read Chinese newspapers, documents and relevant texts with confidence.

A few partial bursaries are available for participants, to defray travel, accommodation and subsistence costs.

Applicants for the language courses should email the language co-ordinator, Mr Shio-yun Kan, by 30 November 2015, at with a brief description of their Chinese language learning experience, including how many Chinese characters (or words) that they have learnt and how much time that they have spent in China.