BICC Borders of Sexuality and Desire Network

Borders of Sexuality and Desire
Co-ordinator: Dr William Schroeder, Manchester
Wei Jiangang (Beijing Gender Health Institute)
Fan Popo (China Queer Independent Films)
Dr Pei Yuxin (Sun Yat-sen University)
Dr Fu Xiaoxing (Renmin University of China)
Dr Wei Wei (East China Normal University)
Prof Li Yinhe (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Both scholarly discourses and generalized knowledge concerning non-normative sexual and gender practices in Chinese societies (which include the PRC, Taiwan, Hong Kong and diasporic Chinese communities) have seen considerable development and proliferation during the last decade. However, few sustained transnational collaborative initiatives have connected students, academics, activists and other interested parties. This network enables all these groups to benefit from mutual insights, knowledge resources, and experiences and to work together to strengthen the quality of resources related to questions of desire and globalism in queer China.