BICC India and China Network

India and China: Cultures of conflict and a changing world

Coordinator: Professor Rana Mitter, Oxford; External partner: Institute for Chinese Studies, Delhi

This network brings together scholars from the UK, India and China to explore the emerging subject of China/India relations in a changing global context. The network will be distinctive in operating in a historical context. Two workshops will bring together scholars from the UK, India and China in Delhi and in Oxford to examine the historical context of India/China relations in the modern era. It will bring together historians, political scientists and literary scholars (the shared cultural heritage of the two societies is too often ignored). The project will also interact with non-academic users by inviting participants from policy institutions including the FCO, and selected media correspondents.

The first workshop will take place on 26-27 March 2013 in Oxford. For details see here.

BICC researchers including Dr Nicola Horsburgh are involved in the ‘Juxtapose’ workshop at Wolfson College Oxford on 26 April, address ‘challenges of comparative research on contemporary China and India’. For more details see the Juxtapose blog.