Research Training in Old Chinese

Collaborative Research Training in Old Chinese

From 2008-11 BICC ran an AHRC Collaborative Research Grant for Research Training programme in ‘Old Chinese’, through a series of postgraduate workshops. Co-ordinated by Dr Dirk Meyer, this programme aimed to connect the various UK centres for the study of Old Chinese into a nationwide network to facilitate specialised research-training in Old Chinese phonology, palaeography, grammar and syntax, literature, philosophy, and religion, and strengthen the international visibility of traditional Sinology in the UK at large.

The programme worked closely with the universities of Bristol, where the award was held, as well as with Edinburgh, Cambridge, London SOAS, and the British Museum, London. The core activities consisted of 6 workshops held across the UK. These focused on:

1) Philosophy and Religion (Edinburgh): 29 January–2 February, 2009.

2) Phonology and Palaeography (Oxford): 25 August–3 September, 2009.

3) History and Historiography (Cambridge): 24–28 March, 2010.

4) Text and Textuality (Oxford): 24–28 June, 2010.

5) Art and Archaeology (London SOAS): 21–24 September, 2010.

6) Old Chinese Grammar and Syntax (Oxford): 9–13 July, 2011.